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Not Just Actors

As Stephen Mallatatt said in The Woman in Black, a good performance takes “time and tears.”

Before opening at the Echo, the actors put in double time (and perhaps tears) to prepare for the show. And not just in rehearsals! As it turns out, they can make a mean flat & build platforms like pros!

Here’s the proof for those still unconvinced:


Big news!

After all the great feedback and after hearing of the many sad souls who couldn’t catch The Woman in Black, we’ve decided to give you one more opportunity to see this incredibile production.

This Saturday night ONLY catch an encore performance of The Woman in Black!

Encore Performance of

The Woman in Black

Saturday, March 24th

7 p.m.

Tickets: $7 (students) or $10 (general admission)




Will you be joining us? Let us know in the comments!

A quick shout-out

I’m pretty ecstatic about the way our program turned out. Props to Beccy Bingham for her hard work at making it look awesome!

Only three more chances to catch The Woman in Black! Friday night, Saturday night, and Monday night. Hope you won’t miss this great show!

…and a few I missed!

BYU’s Daily Universe ran an article on us yesterday.

The blog Happy Valley Crafters did a post about the show, too. Some great things they had to say:

The stage is so uncomfortably close to the back row, you can see every bead of sweat on the actors’ brows. It’s so sincere, you know; you can tell it’s a bunch of people working together to do what they love for other people who love it. . . .

I went to the opening night last Thursday, and I LOVED it. It’s minimal theater–there’s no glamor or glitz for the production to hide behind, and no recourse to hide any amount of failure. It is the pure, rare power of good story and good acting. It is vivid and intense in its rawness. Three actors, foley, and a tiny set which slowly gets revealed throughout the play, strike a more ardent and sincere chord than all the fancy costumes, dance numbers, and fireworks you could care to see.

People are spreading the word! Are you?

The Utah Theater Bloggers Association came to the show the other night and published a great review today. (And we love the review’s title! “See the play instead of the movie.” Amen!)

Jim Dalrymple has been keeping tabs on the Echo on his blog. Check out his post about our opening.

Local photographer Trevor Christensen welcomed us to the 100 Block with a few tweets and got a conversation started.

(No, Echo Theatre isn’t on Twitter yet. Someday!)

The Daily Herald ran a great feature, complete with photos by Justin Hackworth.

Our trailer is getting great hits.

Thanks to everyone who’s been spreading the word about Echo and The Woman in Black. We couldn’t do this without you. Keep it up!

Opening weekend reactions

Thank you to everyone who’s come to the show so far. We’ve had a great turnout! If you’re still wondering whether The Woman in Black is a show you’d enjoy, I’ve scoured the social media streams for a few reactions thus far:

I just saw the Woman in Black and it was absolutely marvelous. Superb acting–and with hardly any scenery or props! I was on the edge of my seat the entire second half. It was incredibly suspenseful and quite scary. I felt like I was in the play because I was so close and it was so tense. I was quite impressed with the theatre as well. I definitely want to see the next play!!! – Melissa Jett

Got to go to the opening night of TheEchoTheatre on #100block, and I’ve got to say, live theatre is something I could definitely get into. – @CoKaneFriendly

Yep. It’s official. EVERYONE should go see “The Woman in Black” at The Echo Theater. – Alice Johnson

Wow! I was there for opening night of the inaugural show. The quality of the acting was several notches above what I have been used to at places like the Hale and BYU. Perhaps the intimate setting had something to do with it. The only downside was the unwanted “intimacy” of the live music place next door, but imagination is what theater is all about, so I just imagined the unwanted parts of the soundtrack weren’t there. Hats off to the Boulters and Blakes and their friends. Provo can expect great things from this bunch. – David Chamberlin

Just had the major privilege of being part of the first audience for Provo’s new ECHO THEATRE! Go support this awesome new venue! – Derrick Clements, The Porch

Got a peek at the Echo Theatre today. Awesome place! This will be the big new thing. – Daniel Anderson, @avernuson

The Echo Theatre has a lot of potential as a new space. – Russell Warne, @Russwarne

Pretty impressed by the Echo Theatre sign next door! – Kaneischa Johnson, @SceneSister (And check our her photo of the theater!)

What did YOU think of the show?

Giveaway winners!!

And the winners of our ticket giveaway are…(drumroll please)…

Briton Donahue and Ryan Ricks!

Congrats!! Let us know when you’d like to come see the show (commenting here is fine), and we’ll have tickets waiting for you at the door (2 tickets each).

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We hope you’ll all join us for ‘The Woman in Black’ and keep spreading the word!

P.S. – Have you seen our trailer?


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for opening night. We had so much fun and loved all the positive responses to the show. Sometime this weekend I’ll be posting a few of those responses, but if you were there, let us know what you thought! Sound off in the comments or write on our Facebook wall.

(And tell your friends about the show!!)


(Not a photo reflecting our current show, obviously.)

We’re so excited for tonight.

Hope you’ll join us for our inaugural production!!

The Woman in Black


P.S.- Have you entered our giveaway?

Making the Connection

When I first began this epic journey of involvement in The Woman in Black I was extremely excited to be able to be part of a truly creepy ghost story. Any other ghost story I have been a part of was that dramatic, gory kind of scary that ends up not being scary at all. As our wonderful director said in his earlier post, the simplicity of this play is what makes it utterly terrifying. This was going to be a new experience, and I love new experiences!

Imagine my incredible joy at the knowledge of even more new experiences when I learned that we would be creating live sound for this production! Foley artists have always fascinated me. The creation of sound has always been a remarkable wonder to me. As a child I loved to create sounds with random things and wonder why everything made the sound it did. It wasn’t just clanging pots and pans together or hitting them with random things, either. Oh no. No, this was much more in depth. For example, why did a carrot thrown against the wall sound completely different than a stick of celery hitting the wall? I do not often throw my food, but when I do, it is purely for scientific reasons. Anyway, the creation of live sound helped me connect to the play emotionally and dive further into it. The care and concentration each rehearsal involved in order to figure out the product we needed was extremely fulfilling. It could be awfully frustrating at times (especially if our fifth attempt at making a certain sound failed), but theatre takes “time and tears” as one of the characters puts it so well in our play, and through the frustration we were making incredible connections to this play and with each other. Continue reading