Opening weekend reactions

Thank you to everyone who’s come to the show so far. We’ve had a great turnout! If you’re still wondering whether The Woman in Black is a show you’d enjoy, I’ve scoured the social media streams for a few reactions thus far:

I just saw the Woman in Black and it was absolutely marvelous. Superb acting–and with hardly any scenery or props! I was on the edge of my seat the entire second half. It was incredibly suspenseful and quite scary. I felt like I was in the play because I was so close and it was so tense. I was quite impressed with the theatre as well. I definitely want to see the next play!!! – Melissa Jett

Got to go to the opening night of TheEchoTheatre on #100block, and I’ve got to say, live theatre is something I could definitely get into. – @CoKaneFriendly

Yep. It’s official. EVERYONE should go see “The Woman in Black” at The Echo Theater. – Alice Johnson

Wow! I was there for opening night of the inaugural show. The quality of the acting was several notches above what I have been used to at places like the Hale and BYU. Perhaps the intimate setting had something to do with it. The only downside was the unwanted “intimacy” of the live music place next door, but imagination is what theater is all about, so I just imagined the unwanted parts of the soundtrack weren’t there. Hats off to the Boulters and Blakes and their friends. Provo can expect great things from this bunch. – David Chamberlin

Just had the major privilege of being part of the first audience for Provo’s new ECHO THEATRE! Go support this awesome new venue! – Derrick Clements, The Porch

Got a peek at the Echo Theatre today. Awesome place! This will be the big new thing. – Daniel Anderson, @avernuson

The Echo Theatre has a lot of potential as a new space. – Russell Warne, @Russwarne

Pretty impressed by the Echo Theatre sign next door! – Kaneischa Johnson, @SceneSister (And check our her photo of the theater!)

What did YOU think of the show?


One thought on “Opening weekend reactions

  1. Camilla says:

    The Woman in Black is a superb production–nothing but the pure, raw power of good story and good acting.

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