…and a few I missed!

BYU’s Daily Universe ran an article on us yesterday.

The blog Happy Valley Crafters did a post about the show, too. Some great things they had to say:

The stage is so uncomfortably close to the back row, you can see every bead of sweat on the actors’ brows. It’s so sincere, you know; you can tell it’s a bunch of people working together to do what they love for other people who love it. . . .

I went to the opening night last Thursday, and I LOVED it. It’s minimal theater–there’s no glamor or glitz for the production to hide behind, and no recourse to hide any amount of failure. It is the pure, rare power of good story and good acting. It is vivid and intense in its rawness. Three actors, foley, and a tiny set which slowly gets revealed throughout the play, strike a more ardent and sincere chord than all the fancy costumes, dance numbers, and fireworks you could care to see.


2 thoughts on “…and a few I missed!

  1. K'lei says:


    I stopped in and spoke with you last Friday about using the theatre space for an art show. I would still like too, and would like to know about available dates. June 1st is the next art walk on Friday, I thought you had said you had a show then. Please let me know what dates you have open..thanks-


    • paigeguth says:

      We have a show that runs May 31-June 16, so the theatre will be occupied on June 1. Contact echotheatreprovo [at] gmail [dot] com in the future to schedule shows.

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