Come Find An Ideal Husband at The Echo

Lord Caversham:  “Married yet?”

Lord Goring:  “Ask me again in half an hour.”

Does this sound like a familiar conversation for you?  Are you tired of listening to people hound you about your unmarried status?  Or are you tired of hounding other people about their unmarried status? An Ideal Husband at The Echo Theatre is here to offer you some friendly advice.

An Ideal Husband is regarded by most critics as Oscar Wilde’s dramatic masterpiece, but don’t be fooled.  There’s still plenty of comedy to be had in this fantastic play about love, blackmail, past misdeeds, and forgiveness.

Set in England in the late 1890s, Oscar Wilde’s classic mix of comedy and drama tells the story of Robert Chiltern, a respectable gentleman, well-placed in London society and blessed with a loving wife and excellent fortune.  This is all put in danger when Mrs. Cheveley, a scheming and ambitious woman, threatens Robert with a secret from his past.  In order to save his marriage and his reputation, Robert must confide in his foppish friend Lord Goring, a frivolous bachelor who claims he has no intentions of settling down.  One misunderstanding after another will force Lord Goring to join the fight to preserve Chiltern’s status as a gentleman, and truly illustrate what it means to be An Ideal Husband.

Come to The Echo and meet the cast of characters:

Robert Chiltern–the man with a past.

Lady Chiltern–the woman who loves her husband for his moral righteousness.

Mrs. Cheveley–the scheming woman with plans to ruin everything.

Miss Mabel–the loveable girl with biting wit.

Lady Markby, Mrs Marchmont, and The Countess of Basildon– The frivolous ladies who delightfully showcase the ridiculousness of society.

Lord Caversham–the frustrated father who can’t figure out what’s wrong with the kids these days.

Lord Goring–the loveable bachelor who must find a way to save the day.  Ah yes, and find a wife.

Come join us Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from Sept. 14-Sept. 29 for a delightful show.  Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 7:00.  Tickets are available at

Questions?  Send as an email at, or call (801) 691-0724.


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