Goodbye, Ideal Husband

People say that nothing good lasts forever.  These people have clearly never eaten McDonald’s French Fries.

But I digress.

The point is, An Ideal Husband has closed and we’re ever-so-grateful for the wonderful people who were involved: the cast, the crew, and the audience members.  That is why I am writing a haiku for all of you, free of charge.

Ahem.  May I have silence as I light the candle for the poetry reading?  Thank you.


An Ideal Haiku

Oscar Wilde wrote it,

But you all made it awesome.

Pink cherry blossoms.

*The candle is blown out*

Thank you.  Haikus are weird.

Are you missing us already?  Come visit!  We have Improv Friends shows coming up, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in October, and Turn of the Screw and Martyr’s Crossing in November.

We’ll see you there.  And maybe I’ll write another haiku for you, if you’re lucky.


What do you think?

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