Turn of the Screw

We here at The Echo love Halloween, and we feel that October is just too short for us to truly revel in the Halloween spirit.  So, we have decided to stretch Halloween out just a little bit further into November.

(Please express our sincere apologies to Thanksgiving for stealing its thunder.  But Thanksgiving is probably used to that, what with Christmas encroaching upon its turf every year and all.)

But back to the point!

In order to extend the Halloween spirit a bit, we at The Echo are proud to present a delightfully spooky rendition of a delightfully spooky story:  The Turn of the Screw.

Bring a date/friend/family member/dog to snuggle with on November 7-16th and enjoy getting spooked.

Because that’s what the Halloween season is all about.  Mwahahahaha!




What do you think?

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