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The Cinematics

The Cinematics

Be prepared for the red-carpet premiere of Improv as you’ve never seen it before!!!


A Look at What’s Coming Up

Welcome, 2013!  We’re so glad to have you with us.  Of course, we’d be much happier to see you if you brought warmer temperatures, instead of these below-zero shenanigans, but we know that’s not entirely your fault.  I blame January.  It’s the “problem child” month, what with its Blue Monday and other nonsense.  Tsk tsk.

But I digress.

Why are we at The Echo so happy to see 2013?  Because we have an exciting line up of shows for you to come see!  So, if you haven’t gotten around to making New Year’s Resolutions, or if you’ve already broken the ones you made and are looking for consolation, look no further.  We’ll hook you up!  Here’s a list of some things to look forward to in 2013:

Tuesdays beginning January 14th-Improv School, taught by Jeffrey Lee Blake.  Come improve your improvisational skills and have a great time learning!

January 17-February 2:  Sideshow, presented by Utah Musical Theatre Company

February 7-23: Little Happy Secrets, presented by Echo Studios

March 7-30: Noises Off, presented by Echo Studios

And, wouldn’t you know it?  March 7 is the one-year anniversary for The Echo!  It’s also when we will be premiering The Cinematics, an exciting new improv troupe.

So many fun things to see!  Want to hear more?  Send an email to, and we’ll put you on our mailing list for the inside scoop on Echo news!

Happy 2013!