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Rehearsal Photos from ‘Bielzy and Gottfried’

I think it’s fun and also good to reflect on where you’ve been and see the progress that has been made. Today seems like a good day for this as ‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ opens tomorrow.

Here are a few photos from our very first reading of this play to more recent rehearsals. It’s fun to see the difference in how the cast has grown closer together and they’ve become more comfortable with their roles.

 The Reading


Bielzy 02-2014 016

All the actors and directors of ‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ in the same room at once. Mostly.

Bielzy 02-2014 010

The cast of ‘Job’ and Director Georgia discussing ‘The War In Heaven’

Bielzy 02-2014 009

Ann and Nicolas getting acquainted. Daniel, Director of ‘The Stone Thrower,’ deep in thought in the background

Bielzy 02-2014 008

Cast and Director of ‘The Stone Thrower’ discussing the play





Does this look like they were have too much fun?


Our stage manager administering discipline as needed when someone messes up their lines. No actors were harmed in the making of this show.


Trevor and Tyrell keepers of Heaven and Hell, looking thoroughly enthused.


On Stage


Bielzy 3-22-14 024

Camille, Danny and Michael rehearsing ‘The Box’

Bielzy 3-28-14 020

Tyrell, LeeAnn and Mike rehearsing ‘The Stone Thrower’

Lori, Ann, Camille and LeeAnn in the ‘The Sermon’ yet another one of the short morality plays presented in ‘Bielzy and Gottfried’

Cimony , Nicolas and Ann in 'Job'

Cimony, Nicolas and Ann in ‘The War In Heaven’

Bielzy 3-28-14 091

Trevor and Tyrell running a scene for Bielzy and Gottfried

Final rehearsal is tonight and I can’t wait to post the photos of the costumes and set.

Curious about the cast?  Bios will be coming soon too. Mawhahaha!

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‘Beilzy and Gottfried’ Cast List and Characters

LeeAnn Carter – Singer
Cimony Buchanan – Singer/Friend 2
KC Ushijima – Guitarist
Trevor Newsome – Joshua Gottfried
Tryell Clement – Lucius Bielzy/Ills
Camille Kahle – Woman(Eve)/singer
Danny Savory – Man(Adam)
Michael Bascom – Actor(Snake)
Michael Carter – Joseph McCarthy(Mr. Fisher)
LeeAnn Carter – Patch
Lori Hansen – Sister Prescott
Nicolas Brady – Job
Ann Vom Lehn – Friend 1
Rosalinda Lopez – Charity
Joel Applegate – Ed
Mont Connell– Ole

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Bielzy and Gottfried to Open Thursday, April 3, 2014

‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ will show as part of The Echo Theatre’s 2014 Playwriting Showcase April 3 through April 19 and is an original play by J. Omar Hansen a Theatre Professor at BYU-Idaho. This show is scheduled for a staged reading at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in New York this summer.

Hansen was inspired by medieval morality plays like “Everyman” and caused him to ask the question, “What if God and the devil did a morality play?” In answer to this question he wrote “Bielzy and Gottfried” Wherein Joshua Gottfried and Lucius Bielzy come together to present a series of short morality plays causing their audience to think about old familiar stories and make new discoveries of their own.

This contemporary play is an allegory dealing with issues that are not only real but relevant. The morality plays within this show explore such concepts as choice, free will, human frailty, suffering and hope without giving the audience the answers. Hansen teaches his students that “Great Literature asks the important questions, it does not answer them.”

Hansen’s intent was “to explore the duality of morality.” His hope is that it makes people examine the way they think about right and wrong. He wants audiences to “Rethink the old stories” and come away from this show asking themselves, “What do these stories mean to me?”

April 3 – April 19
Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.
Show Starts at 7:30 p.m.

$12 at the door
$10 online in advance.
Student and senior discounts available
Monday night group discounts also available

Recommended age: High School and up


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‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ Poster

This poster for our musical morality play ‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ is depicting the characters Gottfried (top) and Bielzy (bottom).

The images themselves are from the public domain and are of the magician Carter The Great. The lower image is from earlier in his career, around the turn of the century, and the upper image is from later in his career.

‘Bielzy and Gottfried’ opens this week at The Echo Theatre. Come to opening night!

Cast list coming soon!

Design by Jeff Blake

Design by Jeff Blake

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